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Large variety of different activities for children, brilliant staff. Clear communication with our daughter's key worker, management and other staff members.

I feel the nursery is well run and definitely makes the care and development of the child the top priority. I am constantly impressed by the feedback and updates I receive about my child and I find the care staff to be extremely friendly and patient. I get the feeling that top to bottom the nursery is well organised which leads to enthusiastic and motivated staff and great care for my child.

Strawberry Hill is an absolutely amazing place for children. My daughter joined when she was 11 months old and it was almost 2 years ago. All the rooms she has been in are very well equipped, engage senses and are warm and bright. The staff is very involved, well trained and provide great care. Garden area is really good and used almost every day. Children have yoga classes, Spanish, football classes, the nursery also organizes swimming classes at the Royal Commonwealth Pool. Meals are prepared on site, they look nice and fresh. Without hesitation I can recommend Strawberry Hill to all the families looking for the right place.

Both my children have been there since 9 months, and the eldest just about to start school. Saw 5 nurseries before selecting Strawberry Hill, and definitely made the right decision. Amazing staff throughout, wonderful opportunities with many different activities, outstanding healthy meals and snacks. Just cannot fault anything.

The staff are fantastic and always have time to engage. My daughter loves finding staff from her previous rooms and they always make time for a chat. I love the eco garden idea and the food provided by the chefs is excellent. I have no hesitation in recommending Strawberry Hill to any parents looking for a nursery.

This is an excellent nursery. My children are educated and looked after to an extremely high level. They learn yoga and Spanish among an extensive list of other things. My children are very advanced for their age due to this nursery education. They are taught great manners and the food they are given is healthy and exceptional. I do not believe that there is a better nursery that my children could have possibly attended. From a parental viewpoint the staff are extremely accommodating and understanding and I've enjoyed meeting all of them. This is an excellent nursery beyond any doubt.