Our Rooms

Our Baby Room provides a calm and nurturing space for our littlest nursery goers to grow and play. Babies are cared for by highly experienced staff who prioritise matching the home routine of each baby as closely as possible through regular communication with parents.

Our activities are designed to support the all-round development of babies and are based around the use of natural play resources and sensory exploration. We also make use of our fabulous garden and surroundings to take daily walks to enjoy some fresh air.

We supply baby wipes, nappies and cow’s milk and our staff are trained in the storage and use of breast milk.

Children within our Baby Room are encouraged to continue to develop their fine motor skills, speech and social skills through play with the support of a caring staff team. Tweenie Room is kept active through sand and sensory play, and heuristic play using natural resources. Regular outdoor play is also a regular part of our nursery day. Our Tweenie Room begins to offer a wider range of activities for children to experiment with; water and sand play, arts and crafts, messy play and ‘story’ and ‘home’ corners set the stage for children to use their imaginations, form friendships and develop their language and movement skills.

Our Ladybirds Room is spread out over two light and spacious rooms which children can move between freely. Arts and crafts stations give children opportunities to get creative, ‘story’ and ‘home’ corners provide space to engage their imagination, and our water and sand play stations give children space to get messy! Our Ladybird children also have the special responsibility of caring for our nursery pet – our Giant African Land Snail. Within this room we also begin to introduce basic numeracy and literacy activities.

Our nursery is recognised as a pre-school centre by the Education Department and our Tree Tops and Acorns Rooms follow the Curriculum for Excellence.

Children in these rooms are offered a fantastic range of extra activities every week, including Spanish lessons, swimming lessons, yoga, and special sports ‘enjoy-a-ball’ classes. These activities complement our in-house activities and resources which include dedicated literacy and numeracy areas, messy play, an interactive Smart Board, and much more.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that children leave nursery prepared for their start at school. Children are supported to learn to recognise and write their own name, demonstrate good observational skills, show preliminary reading and numeracy skills, have good pencil handling contrail and to show creativity.

We love to get outside at Strawberry Hill Nursery! We have a fantastic garden space of our own, equipped with large climbing frame, water and sand play, a nature garden, vegetable patch, greenhouse and pond. Children are encouraged to get involved in the planting and growing of our own fruits and vegetables which our on-site chef turns into delicious meals.

As well as time in our fabulous play area we also enjoy walks through The Grange and picnics in the Meadows. We use Walkodile Child Safety Systems and high visibility vests to keep children safe when out on trips away from the nursery.

We believe there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing. We ask parents to provide their children with appropriate clothing for all types of weather from Wellington-boots to sunglasses.